Bone-shaped dog toys: great ideas

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Bones have always been the favorite of most dogs. These bone-shaped toys are fun for four-legged friends and come up with something special. Bone-shaped dog toy: Nice ideas - Image: Shutterstock / Julija Sapic

1. Squeaky bone made of robust felt

The material of this bone is the same as that used for tennis balls. It does not attack the teeth and is particularly good for chewing. A squeaker is integrated in the bone, which is a lot of fun when retrieving and playing.

2. Fillable rubber bone

For extra-large fun and a special challenge, this play bone with knobs can even be filled with snacks. The thermoplastic rubber is particularly robust and bite-resistant.

3. Four bone toy chain

This toy chain is ideal for hunting, romping or tugging! Four colored rubber bones are tied together on a rope. Retrieving is also no problem with this dog toy.

4. Plush bones for puppies

Even the little ones want to play. Bones should be better made of plush for puppies, so that their teeth are not affected. These plush bones are the ideal toys for young animals. They are available in the colors pink and light blue.

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