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THEGerman Shepherd, orBlack Cape Shepherd, has been a race widely used by human beings, whether in humanitarian services of the most varied - including his performance as a police dog, in rescue assistance or as a true detector of bombs and drugs through his nose - or in the cinema, where he has been the protagonist of films that have become great classics.

The most famous dog in the cinematographic world was Rin Tin Tin, a German Shepherd who survived the First World War and starred in a total of 22 films over his 14-year career in Hollywood. In addition to this, another dog of the breed that became famous in the Hollywood world was the protagonist of the feature ‘K9 - A good cop for a dog’, where he acted alongside the renowned actor James Belushi.


The ancestors ofGerman Shepherd they existed in different areas of Germany for several centuries, they were dogs of very different morphologies, and they showed themselves according to the region in which they found themselves. It was not until the end of the 19th century that a Prussian cavalry officer, Von Stephanitz, defined and developed the breed's standard.

Although the theory described above is held to be true by many scholars in the field, the history of the emergence of German Shepherds has different versions. In the midst of different stories, there are those who defend the idea that the race comes from the so-called bronze age (about seven thousand years before Christ), being found for the first time in the Asian continent and, since then, becoming popular for across Europe.

In this same context - which gives shape to the best known and accepted theory regarding the emergence of the German Shepherd - it is indicated that the breed would have been recognized for the first time in the regions of Turingia and Wüttenberg, in Germany; where his great capacity would have already been noticed, causing the dogs of the breed to act as guardians of cattle.

Depending on your typical herding dog skills, the origin of the German Shepherd it is also explained by many as the product of a series of crosses between wolves and domestic dogs, resulting in this breed that encompasses courage, agility and, in many cases, docility.


THE Black Cape Shepherd he is alive, attentive, obedient and sure of himself. He is very intelligent and has a high capacity for understanding - even ranking third in the ranking of the most intelligent dog breeds worldwide. He is not usually fearful, sensitive or mild, but he likes to receive praise and affection from his owner. It is a vigilant dog and a little suspicious of strangers.

For being extremely attentive - in addition to being competent in situations where it is necessary to have the keen sense of a sniffer - the German Shepherd is, today, one of the most used dog breeds in police work; serving as an excellent watchdog or sniffer, being used as an active part of jobs that involve rescuing people or searching for missing persons.

Its precise nose also made the race to be used as a tool to discover drug dealers or people carrying explosive devices in airports, for example - and even today, Shepherds they are great companions of the Brazilian police, assisting them in this type of work and, also, in situations where the presence of a defender is necessary.

Its attack power is quite large, however, dogs of the breed must be properly trained in order to become excellent defenders - since, depending on their breeding, this animal can be both a very violent and aggressive adult dog and an extremely docile and calm.

Although they get along very well with children, sometimes they do not know how to measure their strength, and this is further proof that training is fundamental in the life of the German Shepherd dog - who, properly trained, can live in the fullest harmony with families large or small with components of the most varied ages (including the elderly and babies).

Easily trained (since he is very intelligent), the breed is absolutely faithful to its owners, obeying all the commands ordered by its owners without blinking. It is worth remembering that your training of German Shepherd it is more efficient and practical when started in the puppy's phase of the animal; because, over time, the specimens of the breed tend to become very protective in relation to their family members, and this can increase the chance that accidents involving attacks will occur - in addition to making the learning process a little more difficult for the dog to be more calm and less aggressive towards unknown people.


The German Shepherd is a large, strong, robust and muscular dog. It has a solid structure with dry bones. It has medium-sized ears, straight and ending in a point. The tail is thick and hairy and extends at least to the hock - region of the 'heel, where the coat is usually slightly longer compared to the rest of the animal's body. The German Shepherd can be of hard hair, of long and hard hair or of long hair.

With the exception of white, almost every type of color can be present in the coat of dogs of the German Shepherd breed, with black, reddish brown and gray being the most common. In case of Black Cape Shepherd, its covering is caramelized in almost all the lower part of the body, the upper part being filled in black, giving rise to the term ‘black cover’.

As puppies, the Shepherds have bluish-colored eyes, the color becoming darker as the dog ages, becoming almond-shaped. Owners of a large size, the dogs of the breed can weigh up to 42 kilos when males, and the weight of the females is a little less, and varies between 22 and 32 kilos. The height of the German Shepherd also highlights gender differences and, while males can measure up to 65 centimeters in height, females reach an average of 60 centimeters.

Specific care

Pastor Capa Preta needs large spaces to discharge the need to exercise daily. It is not a suitable dog for living indoors, but it is very adaptable and can get used to life inside - however, this does not mean that your life can be healthy without constant exercise, and Owners of dogs of the breed must bear in mind the need to set aside some daily time so that their Shepherd dogs can discharge their energy.

In addition to the daily walks, it is recommended that play sessions are provided with the German Shepherd - since the dogs love to be encouraged to practice the most diverse physical activities.


Due to the popularity of the German Shepherd and, as a result, the excessive breeding of the breed, diseases and defects have increased over the years. The biggest problem that has been detected is behavior, along with hip and elbow dysplasia, bone / joint problems, eye problems, stomach twisting and epilepsy.

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