Maru and Hana are the coolest cat buddies in the world

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While Tom Maru usually likes to take it easy, he and his girlfriend Hana are pure action in this video. Funny what the two experience together ...

It's hard to believe that Maru was a single cat for so long! Everything is so much nicer for two. First he plays with Hana, who has grown up quite a bit in the past few weeks, then he lets the Kasper see through and crawls back out from under the sofa and then rest a bit on the carpet.

Afterwards, Hana shows her special attack with an air jump from the ambush directly on Maru, who is cleaning himself. The shocking Scottish Fold hangover needs a little break in one of his beloved boxes. In the end it gets really cute: The two super cute YouTube heroes practice synchronously in pedaling. Let's see what's new from Maru and Hana!

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