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Dogs to sell are not hard to find, but the lack of trust between the parties (buyers and sellers) can be a big obstacle. In most cases, those looking to sell puppies want to find a good home for the large litters of their pets, and prospective buyers are looking to buy a suitable kennel that guarantees a reliable pedigree guaranteeing a standard breed and in good condition of health.

In most of the cases described above, whoever has dogs to sell ends up opting for word of mouth as a form of dissemination, using his personal networks to find possible homes for the offspring of his pets. Social networks are part of the choices of those who want to commercialize puppies, because, through friends and trusted people from their social circle, it can be easier to find responsible acquaintances to take care and give a comfortable life to the puppies.

Ad networks on the internet are also used today to sell pets. However, most advertisers of such portals are companies and establishments that already work with the sale of dogs - in physical or virtual establishments - and use this type of platform as an additional means of attracting potential buyers.

A large portion of the websites specializing in the sale of products developed for animals - which offer everything from food to special accessories for dogs, cats and birds, among others - also have categories that offer dogs to sell, and there are those who rely more on companies of this type to purchase a pet.

Either way, it is important to check the credibility and the level of trust (both of the seller and the buyer) in purchases made through the virtual world, and maintaining some kind of contact during negotiations can be a good idea to try to ensure integrity and the welfare of the puppies being sold.

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