Skidmark and Daenerys: How quickly time flies

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The two cats Skidmark and Daenerys were found as babies and taken in by their rescuers at home. In the videos, Skidmark and Daenerys can be seen with their new family in their first six months.

As a kitten, Katerchen Skidmark fell out of a moving car in the middle of an intersection. Fortunately, a kind-hearted motorcyclist saw the disaster, immediately stopped the traffic and saved the sweet face. A few weeks later, her husband Leo found a tiny Point baby kitten next to the auto repair shop he works in - and took the minimie home. The two fur lines were introduced to each other and slowly but surely became really great friends.

How nice that everything has turned out so well for the two cats. Now they can play, run around, climb and have everything a cat's heart desires. Too cute how happy they are to explore their scratching post or get to know snow for the first time in their lives.

In the beginning, the kittens are still clumsy and a bit clumsy on their mini paws. Half a year later, the cute kittens have become elegant young cats, who are cleverly moving around their homes on quiet soles. But games and exploration tours are of course still popular. You get tired of it - how good when you have a lovely cat buddy to cuddle with.

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